Diet & Nutrition

Licensed dietician and planning

Living a healthy lifestyle should be the goal of every patient, and this starts with diet and nutrition.


Consulting with a dietician provides many benefits as it can help you maintain your weight goals, but it will also help you create plans to help with many health-related issues such as diabetes, blood pressure and more.


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Diet and Nutrition

Diet and nutrition services provided by the clinic

The Primary Care & Hope Clinic offers an accredited diabetes self-management education program led by our Dietitian who is also a diabetes educator. 


If you have diabetes, you know how challenging it can be to manage your disease. Healthy eating, physical activity, monitoring your condition, taking medication, and reducing your risk for complications are probably part of your daily routine. At times, all of this might seem overwhelming. But you can thrive with diabetes, and a diabetes educator can help.


  • Nutrition needs assessment
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Diet counseling and management
  • Personal plans